Nikhil Erinjingat

Intern at CEERA 2018 and Student of MS Ramaiah College of Law, Bengaluru
nls7 months ago3 min

I interned in CEERA right after my first year. Later, I interned in couple of places, but in none of them I had the experience I had at CEERA.  CEERA, as a center, touches upon those aspects of laws which no one else probably thinks of. When I joined CEERA, it was conducting a ‘Three Day Professional Certificate Course on Privacy and Data Protection Law’. Since, I was new, I wasn’t immediately assigned any work, but rather I was allowed to witness the seminars and presentations. Attending these seminars and presentation helped me to think of the practical applications of the laws with better clarity. CEERA also conducted a biological diversity workshop while I was interning there. In my last few days of the internship, CEERA was conducting a workshop on enforcement of foreign arbitral award and I, along with my co-interns, were assigned research work on the same. This was an area which was unexplored. So, it not only improved my researching skills but also exposed me to new arena of law but also helped me to foresee possible problems arising at the time of enforcement. I can testify that my experience at CEERA was the best, since, in other firms I interned, no one was concerned about the beauty of the law or about expanding the jurisprudence.  CEERA, towards the end, became an important part of my life. One of the greatest advantages for interns, according to me, is the young members of CEERA. The teachers who are part of CEERA are exceedingly helpful, inspiring and optimistic. Even though I hadn’t studied any law subject formally, the teachers at CEERA were very considerate and approachable whenever I had trouble understanding something. I also made really good friends at CEERA, with whom I am still in touch.

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